The hyaluronic acid in cosmetics: the effectiveness and usefulness

We all want to stay young and healthy at all times. Since ancient times, alchemists tried to find a remedy for aging and, perhaps, then no one guessed that the magical raw material (hyaluronate) is found in virtually all tissues of a living organism, albeit in small quantities.

Contained in human skin, animals, in joints, vitreous bodies, umbilical cord and even in the skin of a shark and crest of a cock.

Hyaluronate was discovered only in 1934. After that they were especially interested in the developers of cosmetic products. It has long been proven that even one microparticle of hyaluronic acid, like a sponge, absorbs up to 500 water molecules, thus a helium mass appears that prevents the cells from drying out from the outside and from the inside.

As you know, the human body is 70% water. Age, stressful situations adversely affect the skin's water balance. This leads to a decrease in the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the dermis. The skin becomes dry, saggy, wrinkles appear.

Today, hyaluronic acid in cosmetology is a popular method of rejuvenation. It is added to various creams, masks, and also injected into the skin by injection. The cream with hyaluronic acid perfectly interacts with the skin and forms a thin film that absorbs moisture from the air, without disturbing the gas exchange with the medium. Such films help to quickly heal wounds and do not leave scars in the treatment of acne or cuts after shaving.

But in cream TM SWAN hyaluronic acid is not used, there is only a special cosmetic product - gel "with hyaluronic acid".

Hyaluronic acid is completely safe for human health, does not cause allergies, irritations and has long been used in medicines. And yet the most popular sphere of use is cosmetology. This tool effectively fights against wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks, dehydration.

Gel "with hyaluronic acid" TM SWAN perfectly moisturizes, smooths, softens, tones up the face and decollete.

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