With whom we cooperate:

* Outlet owners

* Online stores

* Businessmen-wholesalers

* Pharmacies, SPA-salons, fitness clubs

* Distributors of natural cosmetics

The benefits of working with us:

* Flexible terms of cooperation (taking into account the scope and possibilities of your business).

* Free internet advertising (information about your retail points is published on the official website of the manufacturer). (This information is published at your request)

Advantages of working with us:

* Product availability - as we are manufacturers

* A wide assortment of products, which is constantly expanding by new product

* Constant information support

* Operational processing and picking the order - within 1-2 working days (except for the production of cosmetics on request)

* Timely sending parcels with the goods - within 1-2 working days after payment

* All natural products are made by using a unique technology manually of old method

* All the recipes of products are developed by SWAN company

* Products are certified and meet all hygienic requirements and standards

* We quickly respond on any question arising from the partner

We offer our partners flexible wholesale discounts.

Guarantees and conditions:

* Fixed retail prices;

* Flexible retail and wholesale discount for all products, depending on the amount of the order ;

* The conclusion of the contract;

* Full accounting support;

* Hygienic conclusions of product;

Why you should choose us?

Here are a few things which are IMPORTANT to know:

- Training program: we will train your employees to sell our special (natural) product. We explain what it's made from and what is its value.

- Fresh natural cosmetics of TM SWAN is a completely natural product. Our company brings to your already formed business or just starting business our unique "flavor".

- Fashion trend: our business is in natural and ecological trend. Products meet the requirements of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine.

We care about our partners:

Wholesale or retail buyer is not just a client - is our partner!

We will make our collaboration pleasant:

* Help to create the optimal assortment

* Give advice about window dressing, product placement

* Fortified products by advertising, brochures, leaflets and so on.

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