What is natural cosmetics, what are its advantages? (Part 1)

Everyone will agree that it is very important that we eat what gets inside the body. The same can be said about cosmetics: what we put on ourselves, through the skin also gets inside the body. As a result, this affects both health and appearance.

It would seem that the stores are overcrowded, there is no shortage of skin care products, but still we need natural cosmetics. So what is wrong with the usual means from the cosmetic store?

Unfortunately, in the pursuit of profit, producers of a mass product replace many ingredients with components that are not even designed to contact the human skin, so it's not that they do not heal, but can even harm the skin and the body as a whole. This is a component, such as, for example, mineral oil. What it is? And this is nothing more than technical oil, oil. Or why most creams have a long shelf life? Because strong preservatives are used, many of which are allergens and can accumulate in the body. All this is the cause of irritation, dry skin.

Often replacing absolutely unsuitable ingredients with natural ones solves many skin problems. Most women at least twice a day use a variety of skin care products, the largest human organ that is responsible for excretion, absorption, respiration, and protection (this is all in addition to what we want from it, also, for aesthetic function). Unhealthy skin can not be beautiful. Therefore, it is important to think about what of the cosmetic products and what quality we use on a daily basis.

Organic cosmetics are not some strange ointments, lotions, but quite usual creams of light texture and consistency, lotions, balms - everything that we are accustomed to use every day. Thanks to such products as natural creams of TM Swan, absolutely specific tasks are achieved. Essential oils, plant extracts have a highly penetrating ability, it is they that heal the skin.

Just note that the cream - the simplest substance, which does not require a huge number of components (as we can see in mass cosmetics). This oil, water and emulsifier, which allows them to connect. Vegetable oils are a gift of nature, a storehouse of useful substances, vitamins (amino acids, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, microelements).

A wide range of creams is available in the Swan product catalog. More details about them will be discussed in the next article.

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