Natural perfume "Floral" (14ml)

Natural perfume "Floral" (14ml)

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объем   14мл, 2мл

Description Natural perfume "Floral" (14ml)

"Floral" - natural perfume oil. 
The aroma is very pleasant, delicate flower. Lovely composition of essential oils: jasmine, geranium, rosenerollimarigold ... 
It perfectly combines the natural plant oils and natural essential oils. 

Each bottle contains a composition of dried flowers.

Very beautiful, original and unusual looks like a bottle of perfume.

The main advantage of our perfume oil is that they are made from natural ingredients only. 
Another advantage - they are hypoallergenic. Of course we are not talking about those cases when a person is allergic to one of the essential oils included in the composition sostvMany common allergies even dust. 
Oil perfume is best revealed in the warm weather. The ideal season for them - spring, summer. 
Apply the perfume oil is necessary to clean the skin at the point of pulsating wrist, elbow, the ends of hair, knee cavity or near the pulsating points.

Do not apply perfume finger!

In the bottle can get sebum and dirt, which will contribute to deterioration of perfume. 
Just one scroll ball which is in the upper part of the bottle roll. 
Storage: Avoid direct sunlight! 


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