Therapeutic and cosmetic soap "Brimstone" (100g)
Therapeutic and cosmetic soap "Brimstone" (100g)
Product description

Therapeutic and cosmetic soap "Brimstone" - is a great cleanser!

High sulfur content in the soap provides high cleaning property.

Sulfur in cosmetics is extremely important for maintaining healthy skin, hair, nails.

But the most important thing is that the only curative mineral is included in all programs treat acne and inflamed skin.

Sulphur - a necessary element for girls and guys with oily skin, with constant inflammation, hypersensitivity and skin disease such as acne and acne.

With a lack of Sulphur skin ceases to hold back the balance and begins to intensively produce fat, which is why a permanent shine and inflammation, comedones and black dots are constant companions.

Natural mineral SULPHUR soap gives additional properties:

* Improves circulation and improves skin elasticity

* Helps to purify the skin from germs from the surface of the skin and reduces inflammation

* Participates in the synthesis of collagen and keratin fibers

* Maintains healthy hair and strong nails

* Makes the skin brighter and smoother, relieves redness

Ingredients: saponified oils (olive, palm, coconut, castor oil), sulfur, grape seed oil, shea, a blend of essential oils.


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Feedback Therapeutic and cosmetic soap "Brimstone" (100g)
Therapeutic and cosmetic soap "Brimstone" (100g)
Therapeutic and cosmetic soap "Brimstone" (100g)
65 UAH
Photos Therapeutic and cosmetic soap "Brimstone" (100g)
Therapeutic and cosmetic soap "Brimstone" (100g)
Therapeutic and cosmetic soap "Brimstone" (100g)
Therapeutic and cosmetic soap "Brimstone" (100g)
65 UAH
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