Gel with "biogold" 30 ml Gel with "biogold" 30 ml Gel with "biogold" 30 ml
Gel with "biogold" 30 ml
Gel with "biogold" 30 ml
Gel with "biogold" 30 ml
Product description

Gel with "biogold" has a significant rejuvenating effect, promotes the rapid regeneration of skin tissues.

Bio-gold is too small a fraction of the metal, which is obtained through the latest advances in science.

Due to its size, the gold particles penetrate into the deep layers of the skin and regulate its functions, stimulate the renewal of the cellular matrix.

Bio-gold significantly improves the penetration of other active components into the skin, increasing their positive effect.

Properties and action of gel with "biogold":

- All functions of the clitin in the skin tissues are established and activated, the metabolism is accelerated;

- the acidity of the skin normalizes, the concentration of hydrogen ions in tissues increases (RN);

- the protective properties of the leather cover are strengthened, the electrolytic balance is adjusted;

- the effect of lifting;

- conductor of cosmetic and medical components;

- regeneration of cells, there is a rejuvenation of the skin;

- accelerates the processes of regeneration of the skin, promotes rapid smoothing of wrinkles;

- increases vital vitality.

Gel with "biogold" is suitable for those who have a tender, thin, loose, dull skin.

The gel is poured in beautiful vials of frosted glass and is equipped with a convenient dispenser.

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Feedback Gel with "biogold" 30 ml
Gel with "biogold" 30 ml
By order
Gel with "biogold" 30 ml
460 UAH
Photos Gel with "biogold" 30 ml
Gel with "biogold" 30 ml
Gel with "biogold" 30 ml
Gel with "biogold" 30 ml
Gel with "biogold" 30 ml
By order
Gel with "biogold" 30 ml
460 UAH
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