With whom we cooperate:

* Outlet owners

* Online stores

* Businessmen-wholesalers

* Pharmacies, SPA-salons, fitness clubs

* Distributors of natural cosmetics

The benefits of working with us:

* Flexible terms of cooperation (taking into account the scope and possibilities of your business).

* Free internet advertising (information about your retail points is published on the official website of the manufacturer). (This information is published at your request)

Advantages of working with us:

* Product availability - as we are manufacturers

* A wide assortment of products, which is constantly expanding by new product

* Constant information support

* Operational processing and picking the order - within 1-2 working days (except for the production of cosmetics on request)

* Timely sending parcels with the goods - within 1-2 working days after payment

* All natural products are made by using a unique technology manually of old method

* All the recipes of products are developed by SWAN company

* Products are certified and meet all hygienic requirements and standards

* We quickly respond on any question arising from the partner

We offer our partners flexible wholesale discounts.

Guarantees and conditions:

* Fixed retail prices;

* Flexible retail and wholesale discount for all products, depending on the amount of the order ;

* The conclusion of the contract;

* Full accounting support;

* Hygienic conclusions of product;

Why you should choose us?

Here are a few things which are IMPORTANT to know:

- Training program: we will train your employees to sell our special (natural) product. We explain what it's made from and what is its value.

- Fresh natural cosmetics of TM SWAN is a completely natural product. Our company brings to your already formed business or just starting business our unique "flavor".

- Fashion trend: our business is in natural and ecological trend. Products meet the requirements of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine.

We care about our partners:

Wholesale or retail buyer is not just a client - is our partner!

We will make our collaboration pleasant:

* Help to create the optimal assortment

* Give advice about window dressing, product placement

* Fortified products by advertising, brochures, leaflets and so on.


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Company "TM Swan" - a manufacturer of natural handmade soap and natural fresh make-up skin care - invites to cooperation the owners and their representatives of the cosmetic's shops…

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Company's news

FREE - Delivery - all over Ukraine!
May 11, 2019 9:00 am

FREE - Delivery of products - all over Ukraine! Customers who have made an order in the amount of 520,00 USD doesn't pay for the product's delivery. Pay only for the cost of goods. This promotion also applies to customers…





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