WARNING! Information for wholesalers.

0.35cm; line-height: 115%;">Dear wholesale customers!

0.35cm; line-height: 115%;">If you live in Ukraine, you can buy the soap from an assortment and range of products from the catalog.

0.35cm; line-height: 115%;">For wholesale customers in our online store there is a flexible system of discounts.

0.35cm; line-height: 115%;">Read the terms of cooperation in the section "For wholesale customers."

0.35cm; line-height: 115%;">You can call us on the contact number that is listed on the site, or leave us a message by e-mail, leaving your contact telephone number. We necessarily will call you back to clarify all issues. (No matter what country you live)

0.35cm; line-height: 115%;">We will consider all your suggestions and take mutually beneficial decisions!

0.35cm; line-height: 115%;">With the respect to all buyers TM Swan Company.

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