Therapeutic and cosmetic soap TM SWAN

0.35cm; line-height: 115%;">In our online store you can buy hand made medically-cosmetic soap: retail and wholesale.

Our soap carefully clean your skin, have a soft foam and a pleasant fragrance.

Have a healing properties: eliminates dandruff, fungus, wounds, pustular sore, tone, moisturizes, nourishes your skin, have a careful nursing.

Each costumer can choose the most pleasant soap for that of skin and the useful properties.

0.35cm; line-height: 115%;">In the range of medically-cosmetic soap are included : “Berezovyj dogot", "Troyanda", "Kalendula", "Lymon", "Morkva i Garbuz", "Glynyane", "Moloko" "Moloko i Med", "Shokolad i Moloko".

0.35cm; line-height: 115%;">Visit our online store at :

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